"For those who are in love with colors, who are looking for bold, original and design products that fit their style"


Marka Hikayesi

Sodd Design was founded by an industrial designer, Seral Tan.

The word sodd is formed by the combination of the letter S and the odd (odd, strange) words. Sodd reflects exactly who we are, as we love and embrace the use of unconventional forms and colors.

Our customers who prefer us are people who are fond of freedom, love colors, can use colors boldly, are interested in art, respect animals, and believe in the positive energy that nature adds to its spirit.
Different forms and colors that our customers want to see in their homes and that we think are missing are designed with the vision of Sodd Design.

Who is Seral Tan?

After graduating from Doğuş University Industrial Design Department in 2011, she started her career in business. Working in different sectors such as furniture, theme parks, museums in his business life, he combined the experiences he gained in design, production and practice with the vision of Sodd Design.

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