Misyon, Vizyon


We design decoration products for those who are in love with colors and are looking for bold, original designs that fit their style.


To help people express themselves better by coloring their living spaces, and thus to become more positive, braver and more committed individuals.


When we look at the design history, there are names that have done very good works according to the periods. I am sure there is a lot of knowledge and experience to learn from all of them. However, the Memphis Group and the Memphis movement they started, which drew our attention the most and inspired us, is a movement that fits our line and gives us strength at the same time. Even though this act of rebellion caused a lot of criticism from a group of designers and architects who went beyond the minimally simple line of the period. Even today, it continues to be an inspiration with its current and contradictory stance. This stance, the bold use of colors, and being different are all about us, and feeling this power behind us excites us.

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